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BLACK IS KING (18x24 canvas print)

18x24 canvas print 

This piece has so much depth that I almost want it to speak for itself. I do want to add some context tho.The celebrities used are symbols. This is celebration of the black family unit. Man, woman, and child. More importantly it celebrates the great mother and the divine feminine. Beyoncé being a Virgo is an embodiment of the natural nurturer and healer. The mother of the zodiac. The Virgin Mary and Madonna. That’s why she wears the black onyx that can absorb and transform negative energy. Jay-Z ia a symbol of that transformation. He wears Quartz to represent the balance that he brings. The white and black are the ying and yang. A necessary positive and negative. Art that charges in the full moon. The cosmic background represents mercury that rules Virgo. Its so many other details I try to show in the video (swipe left) How does this piece communicate to you?

BLACK IS KING (18x24 canvas print)
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